The crazy idea of building FLAME under the roof of my house was dropped quickly, allthough my friend Stefan (see "links") had offered me to remove and refit the windows in the roof of my house. The main reason was the unability to use noisy machines during evenings and weekends, as my neighbours would't have that large sense of humor. So I set out to find an affordable place close to my home where FLAME could be built.


I was surprised how difficult it was to find a suitable place, but in the end I was lucky to get in contact with another team of boatbuilders who have rented a big old factory building to build a 16m design in aluminium (Reinke). They gave me about 50 square meters at their costs. So I started to get setteled, moved a lot of material and built a large table.

I spent quite some time thinking about tools that would make life easier ...


... so I constructed a pair of compasses as well as a scarfer that I could attach to my cutting machine. The idea stems from the book "The Gougeon Brothers on boat building"



The device pictured was the only useful result of a long series of experiments. Various other attempts including construction of a gauge or using a milling machine on a sliding slope failed. However the scarfing bracket can only be used for sheet material up to about 8mm thickness - depending on the diameter of the sawing wheel.