Boomies ...

During some idle times I prepared a range of boomerangs, using plywood garbage that was available. I flew them outside of the workshop.

The two-wing boomie (far right) did a 70-second flight.


Hand puppet theatre ...

January 2003 was our daughter's 5th birthday. Anita & I decided to build a hand puppet theatre and do a show at Flora's party.

The center part consists of three sheets of beech plywood (6mm), reinforced on the edges by lenghts of 40 x 20mm pine strips. The center is 120 x 180 cm (W x H), the sides are half the width.

A stage made from Sapelli - plywood is bolted backstage, below the stage clearance (90 x 35 cm).


The scenes run on bars that rest in holes at the top of the side walls.

The shelf is not only practical but gives stability to the whole setup when opened. It is also only bolted and can be removed for transport.

The curtain is moved by only one rope. Pulling at one end, both parts open, pulling the other side they close again.


The scenes were painted by Anita using textile paints, brush and pieces of cork (for the leaves of the trees)

And now ...

Bühne frei


hau ruck - hau ruck - hau ruck