Freunde & Partner

Stefan Jennewein

friend, sail mate and fellow boat builder, has been seen more than one late night around my workshop. As constructor he is a good source of optical leveling gauges, long aluminium lathes, etc. He owns a "Vaurien" dinghy built by his father.

you for all your help and inspiration

Holz Hrad
LOGO Hrad My supplier of wood and plywood, besides that suffering from the bankrupcy of a large Internet provider (oops!). For his prices he would deserve a section "sponsors" - Thanks
Tischlerei Halwachs
LOGO Halwachs CNC guru, helped saving lot of time by taking my CAD drawings to his cutter. Showed a lot of sympathy for my project through his prices - Thank you!
Hartmann Bootsausrüstung my source of West System epoxy resins. Fast delivery despite the long distance
West System Epoxid LOGO West System my epoxy resin system for years; not the very cheapest but well designed and documented. New learning: the FLOW-COAT method for quick and clean application of a layer tl large surfaces: cool!
Allroundmarin supplier of my boat parts and International paints and varnishes.

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